Class trip to Hamburg!

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Germany
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As part of our Summer Course language prep program, we have class trips! And our first one was to Hamburg!

Took a tour bus at 7:30AM, and arrived in Hamburg at 11:00AM. Our first stop was the Church of St. Michaelis:


Church of St. Michealis



Climbed 500-odd steps to the top!



The clock mechanism for the tower!



It controls the actual clock with cables into the ceiling



Great view from the top



Ian at the top



Great view, sadly it was a bit foggy



Big church! Celebrating some kind of bread fest



More bread



After the church, we got back on the bus and headed to the dock for a boat tour



A statue man on the docks



Our tour boat - the fine Jessica Abicht


On the boat we toured the Port of Hamburg – The second largest port in Europe, 11th in the world.


A section of the harbour with brand new buildings - very unique designs



A floating dock



A huge yacht! Still looking up which one it is... but its definately up there!



Some shipping containers. Hamburg ships approximately 9.74 million of these a year! (well in 2008 anyways)



Had dinner here, on St. Pauli Street


Next up is Berlin this weekend for a 2 day trip!


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