To Castle Eltz!

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Germany
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Our EUrail pass is finally coming to an end… we have 3 days left after this trip!

Grabbed an early train to a place called Moselkern, a small town close to Castle Eltz. But first we stopped in Koln!

Had 45 minutes to kill, so we climbed a giant hill and found Fort Constantine!

Great view!

And of course, who would I be without doing a flag?

Or my silhouette

Walked back to the train station and continued on our way to Moselkern!

Arriving in the small town of Moselkern

We started following signs...

Sounds like a challenge!

10 minutes later...

First glimpse!

Can you spot Ian?

There he is!

The entrance

Stopped for lunch - Lasagna and cheesecake/chocolate cake

The armoury

Was is dast?

Yeah. It's an AXE-GUN.


Some interesting treasure...

Inside the courtyard

We also had an actual tour of the inside of the castle, but sadly, no pictures allowed.

Hiked back to the train station and off we went! To Luxembourg! (Hey, it’s only 2 hours away, why not?)



  1. […] original axe guns were made more for decoration than for war. The armory at Castle Eltz in Germany has a couple of axe guns (scroll down) on […]

  2. me says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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