Posted: October 24, 2010 in France, Germany, Luxembourg
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We arrived in Luxembourg at around 8PM… in the pouring rain.

Nevertheless, we started walking and taking pictures!

Stumbled upon a very cool giant passageway, looked like it was once a river, but now filled with trees, and grass

Cool lighting everywhere

Another view of the stairs

The bridge

Interesting column...

Good thing my cameras waterproof! ...right?

Another shot of the streets

Interesting fountain

Train station

Now, the plan was to catch a night train back to Hannover… Problem is, it was leaving from Metz, France at 23:53. And the train to Metz had been cancelled. However, they provided us with a bus!

The bus to Metz!

We arrived with 5 minutes to spare… Only to find the train station shut down, and security everywhere. No trains leaving.

Hooray. Damn strike.

We ended up staying in a 2 star hotel over night:

For $33 euros, not too bad.

In the morning there was a single train to Saarbrucken, Germany. We headed there to find a working transfer to Braunschweig!

Saarbrucken, Germany

Cold pole?

Very strange... statue?

After a bit of exploring we caught the next train to Mannheim, where we could transfer to an ICE home to Braunschweig!

Since we were there, we decided to hangout in Mannheim for an hour, and see what we could see…

Don't do it!


Now that's a cop!

Poor Mercedes...

Found a palace of some sort!

The church inside the palace...

Inside of the church

Found a bigger church!

Very impressive inside

Finally we caught a train back home. One day later then we originally planned of course! Oh well, we saw a lot more then we were going to!



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