Castle Stahleck on the Rhine

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Germany
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After our Monday lecture, we hopped on a train and made our way to Bacharach, Germany to stay in a castle over night! Train took about 4.5 hours; an ICE to Frankfurt, and then two regionals down the Rhine to Bacharach. We arrived around 6PM, but since the clocks already went back on Sunday, it was already dark out!

We wandered through the town, which was mostly empty!

We saw a structure on a hill and went to investigate…

A skeletal church?

We continued past and started climbing a dark staircase through a forest… we knew the castle was on top of the mountain, but we weren’t sure where…

Atleast there were lights...

5 minutes later...

A sign! Finally knew if we were on the right track or not!


Found it!

After checking in, we headed back outside to explore the rest of the castle mountain…

The castle

Sitting in the battlements

The castle and I

Climbed up another stone building and got these pictures of the castle and Bacharach

Nice view of the Rhine, high speed train going by

A few of the mountain vineyard

In front of the castle

In front of the second building/rock

We headed back inside to have dinner – since it was November 1st, there were still some halloween decorations up… Spider spaghetti anyone?

It was quite good actually!

We woke up early and I attempted to do a time-lapse of the sunrise... Sadly, I didn't account for the height of the mountains. The sun never came up in the time we were there

Part of the castle in daylight

The vineyards

The town

City hall

Turns out you can see the castle from the train station... in daylight

We left Bacharach at 9:30AM, to be home in Braunschweig in time for a language appointment at 15:00PM.

Frankfurt train station

Made it home with plenty of time. This weekend we’re off to Amsterdam!


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