The North Sea

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Germany
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Decided to test out our student passes, and travel for free in Niedersachsen! (Lower Saxony). We headed up to the north coast to a city called Wilhelmshaven!

Unfortunately we discovered they don’t work on the NordWestBahn trains (a separate train company for the north coast), so we ended up paying 28 euros for a day pass for 2.

We arrived in the city around 11:30, turned on our GPS, and headed for the coast. Instead we found an inlet.

Some nice apartment buildings, facing the city on this side, the sea on the other.

An abandoned mini-golf course

Now that's an outhouse.

An interesting statue

We made our way towards a bridge… to the coast… unfortunately it was under construction, so we made our way back into the city.

Found a bus stop that reminded me of home…


As we walked through the city we noticed a sign for a Flohmarkt! (a flea market). We wandered inside and found lots of antique goodies!
I ended up with a gold 17 jewel pocket watch, and Ian, a pewter shot glass! We also saw some old fencing swords but thought better of it… at the time.

We headed back to the coast, and this time checked out the Oceanis museum:


It was pretty interesting, but aimed more at kids… there was a rather cool pirate game though…

In 3D! You got to aim and shoot the cannons at pirate ships, and a squid boss!

After that we went back outside and thought again of the fencing swords…

“You know… we might actually be able to bring those home… the handles might come off…”

“Hmmm…. your right….”

“But I only have 7 euros left…”

“Hmm… I only have 7.20 left…”

“If the shopkeep accepts, we take em!”

We wandered all the way back to the flohmarkt, and sure enough, the swords were still there. Unfortunately he didn’t speak a lick of english. A few other shopkeeps helped translate and we managed to barter the swords down to 14.20 for both. We were poor students.

Here’s a map of our first path..

I sheathed my sword behind my leather jacket and we continued to walk… all the way back to where we started, towards the bridge in the OTHER direction.

After another half hour, we saw this:

We crossed our fingers that the sea would be on the other side...

Thankfully it was.

The North Sea!

Just call me Duncan.

Oh yeah.

Two swords are better then one!




Bring it!

Another style...

Our swords... Made in Toledo, Spain! Perhaps antique!?

I christened mine in the sea (note the seaweed)

For reference, here’s the route we took back this time:

Route back to the train station

We removed the sword handles, and stuck the blades in Ian’s backpack. To any passerby… well we don’t know even know what they looked like… Some random pieces of metal.

Made it home in about 3-4 hours, and now the swords are safely resting on our walls – ready for our next duel.



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