Trampolining competition in Münster, Germany!

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Germany
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We joined the trampolining club at the university, and were invited to participate in a fun inter-club trampolining competition! Naturally we signed right up!

Münster lies about 3-4 hours west of Braunschweig – just outside of Lower Saxony (where our student permit gives us free train rides), so we went as far as we could in Lower Saxony (to Rheine) and then took another regional train for a few euros to get to Münster.

We arrived late Friday night with a bit of time to practice on trampolines. Afterwards we had a late dinner of pasta and a few beers we went to sleep in the gym. Around 2AM somebody turned the lights on by accident, and it took atleast 15minutes and maybe 20 people to tryand figure out how to turn them off (it was the circuit breaker). People repeatedly hit the buzzer switch instead -HONKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK-.

The next morning after breakfast we moved to the competition hall:

The competition hall

Some of the judges

The competitors list

There were 3 parts to the competition –  a set level routine, a freestyle routine (10 jumps, anything you want), and a 6-person syncro routine. For our syncro routine we decided to do a theme… we all wore pajamas.

Here’s the video:

Two of our group of six won gold in their categories! (as you can see in the video) I didn’t win but I was competing in a higher level because of my backflipping ability, it was still alot of fun!


Our pajama team!

The trophies!

Our team at the podium

Attempting a 2-person flag

Our team again

That night there was a party in another school hall, we were the last ones there until they closed at 5:00AM – then we had a massive snowball fight.

All in all, a great weekend.

  1. Ian says:

    You left out the shower party! After the competition everyone grabbed a bottle of champagne (plastic bottle for safety) and hopped in the shower. This is a yearly tradition that usually lasts a few hours but was cut down to only an hour this year.

    As a side note… Canadians are not immune to snow. I got sick after wrestling in the snow while only wearing a t-shirt that night.

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