Christmas in England!

Posted: December 22, 2010 in England
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After a canceled flight, denied boarding on the re-scheduled, and a 1 hour delay, I finally made it to Manchester, England! From there my Father and Uncle picked me up and took me to Holmefirth Valley – where they grew up!

After a late tea, I went to bed – exhausted after my day of travel. The next morning we took a hike up West Nabb – the tallest hill in the area. They say on a gin-clear day you can see coast to coast of England, East to West!

Driving through Melthan to get to West Nabb

Walking up along the road

Standing in the ruins

Peak of West Nabb

My dad on the peak!

Myself on the top!

A nice view of the sun from the top

After wards we took a walk through the village.

Holmefirth village

Palm trees!

My dad's first home (in the middle, the lighter coloured right third is an addition)

We bought some traditional fish and chips and continued wandering around the village.

A nice old telephone booth!

Heh heh.


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