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Posted: March 7, 2011 in Canada

Both Ian Hillier and I have returned to Canada to resume our studies at Conestoga.
The trip was that of a lifetime, we saw so much, met so many people, and experienced the world in a whole new light. Definitely going back to Europe sometime in the future!


I spent my last days in Canada filming one last stunt video… Enjoy. It’s a bit of epic, dash of cheese, and overall an awesome fun video. Watch in 720P HD!

Approximately 2 hours of footage, over 35GB of 720P @60fps HD video, and 700 different video clips were taken over 2 days to create this 6 minute 4 second long video. Blooper reel coming… someday. Also the video is being edited by a friend as well – for a completely different perspective!

Frommer's Travel Guide to Europe

Frommer's Travel Guide to Europe

We’re just finishing up our co-op work placements and we’ll be on a plane this time next week!

We also just learned about a site called Couch Surfing – basically, it’s a networking site for travellers to stay at peoples houses, instead of hostels! We’ve created a profile here: It sounds like a fun way to travel and meet new people! I also picked up a Frommer’s travel guide to Europe today (thank you Eurotrip!).


Posted: August 19, 2010 in Canada
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EURail passes

The countdown has begun. After months of preperation, it’s finally soon enough to start counting away the days!

Approximately 13 days remain until my flight out of Toronto to Brussels, Belgium for a 13 hour layover until my flight to Berlin! Then we’re off for a month of traveling Europe by train! Speaking of which, our EURail passes came today!

I am currently finishing off my work projects, packing my things, and saying my final good byes. If you wanted to see me before I leave, send me a message and I’ll do my best to see everyone!