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Christmas Eve

Posted: December 24, 2010 in England
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Took a walk around the moors today, old family tradition to pick fresh Holly from a certain tree…

Looking back at Honley as we began our hike

A nice view of Castle Hill through an old gate... HDR

Sheep... In HDR!

My dad and his nephew

A nice view of the village of Meltham

My dad again

Some of the sought after Holly

After visiting the traditional holly bush we continued walking and saw some of the other sights of the Holme valley.

Like ponies!

Friendly ponies!

Mooore Mooors

Part of one of the resovoirs of the area

An HDR shot of the Castle on Castle hill - Huddersfield's pride.

And it's medieval well next to it - the inside is filled with bright green plants growing

The green insides


Merry Christmas everyone!



Posted: December 23, 2010 in England
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Decided to go to Liverpool today – and we only realized the significance halfway there! The last time my dad was in Liverpool was when he left for Canada on a ship in 1967 – going to Expo ’67 in Montreal. We explored the docks where he left. The following photos are in HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) a photography technique that combines 3 shots of the same picture taken at different exposures and then combined to create different tonal curves. See below:

My dad at the dock

Some interesting new architecture jutting out from the old buildings

The Indefaticable Liverpool!

Another cool boat

A nice old post box