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After our hectic and legendary journey to San Gimignano we decided to slow it down a bit… Woke up, had some breakfast of potato chips (remains from the night before) bought some souvenirs, completed the scooter rental transaction, and made it to the train station. Next train to Roma was at 13:45. We were about an hour and a half early, but hey, we’re used to waiting by now.

We took the cheap train – a regional one that made at least a dozen stops between Pisa and Rome. It took about 3.5 hours to get there. When we arrived we followed the signs.

Train station

A wise man once told me, “Keep your head up, and follow the signs” it’s been working this entire trip. I’ve been the navigator for all our journey’s and we’ve made it everywhere safely thus far! Maybe not always in a timely fashion… but we make it nonetheless.

We made it out of the labyrinth like train station that is the Roma Termini and pulled out our cellphone GPS to locate the hostel we had booked. After a bit of confusion, we found it, a few blocks away. It was on the 5th floor of a building, we took the elevator.

The tiny 2 person elevator. Did not feel safe...

Unfortunately, when we got there we found out they had overbooked the hostel. Too bad! It was called Happy Days and it seems really nice, lots of young people traveling, bright colorful walls, etc! The guy felt bad though (our internet reservation hadn’t gone through fast enough) so he called up a sister hotel and gave us a double room there for the same price as the hostel (16.80 euros per person). Unfortunately it was across town. We wandered back to the metro and crossed the city, then wandered the streets until we found our hotel, this time only on the 2nd floor.

We grabbed some sandwiches from a local food store, and hit the sack.