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We caught a 30minute train from Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden. Quite the scenery during the ride!


And naturally, one of the first buildings we saw...


We arrived at the Malmo station around 9:30AM and started wandering the streets, heading towards the twister tower of Malmo!


So many bikes!


Just like Copehagen, there were bikes everywhere! The city was oddly silent and empty – I mean it was a Sunday morning, but it was literally like a ghost town!


Our destination!


The Turning Torso of Malmo! The tallest building in Scandinavia, tallest residential building in the EU and the second tallest residential in all of Europe! Read all about it here:


Twisted it myself!



Some nice Swedish bridges...



The navy



A sweet counterweighted draw bridge!



And of course, Heinz had to climb it



Good thing no one was around



Check out that staircase!



Our destination in sight! With a huge free skate park!



And outdoor bouldering walls??



Rather difficult to climb in the cold, but fun nonetheless!



Up up and away!



Admiring the view



And of course, a flag.



A crazy playground



Base of the tower! Super windy!!!



It was almost like the twisted torso created a tornado around it's base...



And of course, an up close shot.



More crazy Swedish architecture



Another cool building


We caught another train back to Copenhagen, picked up some post cards, and got on a homeward bound train. Another 7 hours and we were back at home in Braunschweig.

Today, the 3rd of October marks our 30th day of traveling in Europe. I consulted google maps, and this means…

We have:

  • Travelled 7200km by train
  • Visited 9 countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Danemark, Sweden)
  • 6 capital cities (Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, Brussels)
  • And seen 3 seas! (Tyrrhenian sea, Adriatic Sea, Baltic Sea)

And we still have another 7 months in Europe! My goal is to hit 15 countries, and probably travel a cumalitive 20,000km (too bad train’s don’t have -train miles- haha!)

This week we’re off to Hamburg with the Language Course, and on the weekend, a trip to Berlin!


With 9 days remaining on our Europasses that expire on November 8th, it means we have to travel pretty much every weekend from now on until then. So, we took a look at a map, the train timetable, and ultimately decided on Danemark and Sweden! Just a 7 hour train ride away!

Woke up at 5:45AM and caught a 7AM train heading to Hannover, Hamburg, and then Copenhagen!

There are wind mills everywhere here!

A few hours later and the train pulls into what seems to be a tunnel. Next thing we know the loud speaker is telling us to get off the train during the ferry ride!

We got off the train and climbed up stairs past floors of cars, trucks, and our train! By the time we got to the deck of the ferry it had already launched from the shore.

Bye Germany!

More ferrys, same as the one we were on!

I'm on a boat!

Docking contraptions

The ferry ride took about 40 minutes, and 5 minutes before docking we were told to get back on the train. It was incredible how smooth the transition was. As soon as the ferry docked, the bay doors opened and the train kept on going.

We arrived in the Copenhagen train station around 2PM

Just outside the train station we found an outdoor rock wall! Unfortunately the facility was closed.

As we walked towards our hotel, all we could see was a sea of bikes on either side of the road. It was strange, so many, alot of which were broken and none of them were locked up!

A VW Thing!

We dropped off our bags at the hostel - Hotel Jorgensen

Got our maps and started walking. The closest point of interest just so happened to be the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen!

Huge place!

Unfortunately it closed 5 minutes before we arrived.

Quite the view though!

Would of been nice to go inside

Big variety of plants inside the green house!

There was a large rock garden too

The garden map

The treasury (unfortunately also closed).

Caught the changing of the guard though!

Darn goose!

The Copenhagen Museum of Art!

The stretched man!

Crazy picture. Look at it.

There was also an exhibit of Bob Dylan - but it cost an entry fee and the museum was closing so it wasn't worth it.

Quite the trailer! We bought hot dogs and the shop keep accidently offered us free day old bagel sandwiches - he honoured his mistake and we left with hotdogs and salmon on bagels! Nice guy!

Visited a large fort by the sea

It was getting dark so we called it a day and headed back to the hostel, first hitting the train station to book tickets for the next days travels.

Next up, Sweden!