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Posted: September 22, 2010 in Germany
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We arrived in Munich around 6:30AM and went our separate ways – the girls were off to the airport, and we were off to Oktoberfest! We checked our bags, grabbed a map, and started walking!

Sat in the sun for a while

A hilarious pharmcy vending machine. This ones for you Joel.

Nice empty hall...

Now we had been under the impression that German’s were hardcore for Oktoberfest. We had heard the drinking starts at 7 AM. We arrived at the massive carnival of Oktoberfest around 8:00AM. It was deserted. We were rather disappointed. We spent a few hours wandering around, sitting in the sun, and around 10AM the first beer tents opened! We were some of the first people to get our steins of beer!



The fest halls started to fill up, and we left to find the streets packed! We rode carnival rides, and had some more drinks (jagermeister of course!) I rode my very first roller coaster here! We never made the connection between drinking and carnival rides… BUT IT’S DEFINATELY FUN!

This ride was really fun.

So was this one.

I think my motorcycle's older then this one...

My first rollercoaster!

We ate some more food, bought some souvenirs and headed home, vowing to come back next weekend to properly enjoy Oktoberfest in Munich!

We took a ICE (inter-city-express) train to Hannover – it was going up to 250km/h! From Hannover we took another hour long train to Braunschweig. We arrived home to our apartment around 9-10PM. It feels good to be home.

We attempted to make some Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (something we gained a taste for in Italy) – Noodles, 3 eggs, some slices of cheese, lots of butter. It actually worked out quite well!

Our welcome point is this weekend where we will be meeting all the other international students – then next weekend we plan on going back to Munich for Oktoberfest, and the following weekends we will continue to tour europe (still have 7 days left on our Europasses!)

It’s nice being home.


We arrived in Wien (Vienna) at 8:30AM. A very good first impression. We walked into the station and were handed a free croissant and coffee! We booked reservations for the night train to Munich – unfortunately, it left at another station. So we grabbed our gear and hopped on the metro! A few stops and transfers and we made it to the proper station, the Wien Meidling station.

The train station!

Our first view of the city... (an expansion to the train station)

We checked our bags into some lockers, and hit the metro to the Museum Quarter of the city. We stepped out into the sun light and bought some delicious hot dogs from a vendor.

Our first sight was the Parliament building of Vienna!

It was cold again! Felt more like Canada again...

We continued walking and found a large park in front of the Museum quarter.

Cool fountain in the park

Free water!

I spy the Canadian flag!

Checked out the national bibliothek (library) but unfortunately it was closed for some reason! Along with most of the musuems in the area!

So we kept walking, and found an area of museums that were open!

Another cool building/fountain

Found a museum of modern art - FREE TO STUDENTS!

Live long and Prosper.

The museum was really cool – first room was filled with mirrors, as you can see above.

Heh heh.

We continued to the next floor to see a modern art exhibit of one artist, using lights…

"I don't get it"

"I don't get it..."

"... I still don't get it."

"But what do the numbers mean..."


While I appreciate modern art… I don’t really get it. However – it seems to be something I could do if I wanted… I’m very good at being abstract… and playing with neon tubes is always fun too! We continued to explore the museum.

We found the floor for us! Ancient technologies and science!

And a movie projector playing a silent film about Einstein!

An excellent film!

A very cool museum – more pictures are available on the Picasa albums!

We continued to explore, and ate the remaining food we were carrying (some choco-puffs, some apples, and some squished coffee cake).

Very cool statue in a large buildings court yard

We found the museum of Schatz Kammer (Vienna’s Treasury) and found some of the most priceless heirlooms of Austria! Crown jewels, religious artifacts and more.

One of the top 10. The nail that pierced Jesus' right hand during his crucifixation. Whoa.

One of the largest pieces of agate art ever made - from a SINGLE piece of agate! It has a hidden enscription on it in Latin (can't see it in the photo)

The Emperor's Crown!

a REALLY cool sword. Not in the top 10 though!

Napolean Bonaparte's SON's CRIB! Crazy. He married a royal Austrian, but after the fall of his empire, she kept the crib.

Oh, this was really cool - it was thought to be a Unicorn's horn! Sadly, it's just a Narwhale's horn.

After that museum we kept wandering, and found a man dressed like Mozart Amadeus! Turns out there was a concert tonight! As students we got a 50% discount – It was a perfect filler for our evening (seeing as our train didn’t leave until 11:56pm).

But before the concert, we headed to the Technische Museum of Vienna!

The Museum!

It was a really cool museum, very interactive, lots of different exhibits!


Now that's a motorcycle!

A crazy cable making machine

There are many more pictures on picasa if you want to see more of the cool stuff in the Museum. We continued walking and found the Palace of Vienna – a very impressive sight.

THIS was its court yard (palace is not shown in this picture)

The Palace

Huge gardens flank the Palace on either side

We hopped back on the metro and headed to the famous Music hall for our Mozart concert!

Me and my pal Mozart.

Great harmonics in the back corner!

It was a great orchastra

As soon as the concert finished, we ran out the door, and jumped back on the metro. The Vienna metro is pretty colourful…

Purple walls... And everyone's dressed like this guy!

At the train station we ran into 3 girls. Three CANADIAN girls! They were from Calgary and were 2 months into their own Eurotrip! Pretty cool! We took the night train with them to Munich. This time we didn’t get beds – just seats. Not the best for sleeping. It was only a 6 hour train ride though – midnight to 6am. I ended up sleeping on the luggage rack above the booth to free up couch space. I was actually pretty comfy, albeit each stop I was nervous about a train attendant seeing me and getting mad.

When we finally arrived in Munich, we were the last on the train, still asleep. The train attendant was rather mad, but I timed myself perfectly and as she stepped back from the door I dropped to the floor like the ninja I am. She saw nothing.