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Went to Berlin this weekend with our Summer Course program! It’s about a 3 hour bus ride from Braunschweig – we arrived in Berlin at around 11AM.

First stop was the Schloss (castle) Charlottenburg!


Schloss Charlottenburg


The first King of Prussia’s castle, built for his queen, Sophie – sadly, she died before the palace’s completition.


Quite the rooms



I like how this painting jumps out at you...



The mighty courtyard



The Palace and I


Next we checked into our hotel:


The hotel! It had balconies!


After settling in we went exploring! First up, a bombed out church left in memory:


And the new, uh, industrialized church next to the ruins?



The Berlin Tower – neat shadow

Wurst to go?Full view



We noticed alot of police around... then found out why. There was a huge football ralley/protest. The topic? Police breaking up soccer hooligan fights. Apparently Germans want the right to beat up other fans without police intervention... interesting.



The Bugatti Veyron



Again... *drool*



There was also an igloo made of salt nearby for some reason...


We headed back to the hotel for 6PM where we had a pre-arranged bus tour of the city. Sadly after being up late the night before (Oktoberfest in the residence) and walking around all day, I fell asleep on the bus. Shame too, it was quite interesting!

Anyways, after the tour I became alert again and we re-grouped with some friends and headed out on a mission. A mission to find a Italian Pizzaria that serves pizza… with horse meat. The one guy we met, Reece, had been in Berlin once before, and said the place was awesome. So our group of about 6 spent a bit over an hour getting to the Pizzaria, and another hour or two waiting for our food (extremely busy). Here it is:


Contadina - Pferdefleisch = Horse Meat



The Pizza!



The Horse! (red stringy stuff)


It was surprisingly good. And at 8 euros a pizza, pretty cheap too! After we were done horsing around… we left the restauraunt and started our night walk through Berlin for some awesome pictures!


Great lighting.



Poseidon! And a croc.



The Berlin Wall... or what's left of it. The cobbled path that outlines where it stood.



The remains of the wall



The Sony Building



Great lighting



Now it was pretty cold at 3AM, and none of us were dressed that warmly... So when we found heating lights...



The Sony building is like a little enclosed city... really interesting



Also had a lego store!



Made it back to the Hauptbahnof, and caught a train to a metro, and then to our hotel


Had a good nights sleep for once, comfy hotel beds!

The next morning we had a tour of the Deutsch Bundestages (parlament):


The Reichstagsgebaude



The parlament seats are modular, and are adjusted after every election so theres always the right number of seats. This picture is taking from the public viewing lounge where anyone can come and see parlament in action.



The voting system. Each member leaves through their choice door.


The really cool thing about this place is the roof… It’s also heated and cooled naturally!


The Sphere, complete with double helix stairs to the top!



The mirror array for natural lighting into the parlament chamber



The hole in the roof



A neat picture



The hotel where MJ held a baby upside down! You can rent his flat for... I think $80,000 a night?



Relaxing at the end of the day


A good trip all in all. Next up is a tour of Jagermeister this Friday! And then Amsterdam on the weekend!


Pisa & Livorno

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Italy
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Walked around the city at night, beautiful buildings

That night we walked around the city at night, very cool. In Pisa there are no clubs or disco-teks, so everyone parties in the market square!

All the young people partying in the streets

River at night was amazing

Had a nice Italian breakfast the next morning - not very filling...

Included with our hotel was an awesome free tour provided by Mariana!

Did a flag in front of the tower

And of course, a classic leaning tower of Pisa picture

That afternoon we wanted to go to the beach, so we hopped on a train to Livorno (a coastal city) to find one! Unfortunately, we did not… There were a few private enclosed areas, but no actual beach. So we sat by the coast instead.

Standing on the edge

Sitting on the edge

After wandering around a bit we managed to make it back to the train station and back to the Pisa – cheap too, only $1.90 for the train, $1.00 for the bus!

We rented scooters for the next day had some pasta at a local pizzeria and planned out our next trip – to Rome!

Climbing the Leaning Tower tomorrow!