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Settling in

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Germany
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It’s been raining constantly since Friday night – Kinda disappointing, since we can’t use our power risers in the rain!

We stayed in most of the weekend, caught up on some tv shows and movies, and waited for Monday and our Welcome Point at the International Office.

Monday, September 27, 2010

´╗┐Today we went to our Welcome Point at the International Office to fill out paperwork and find out more about our stay here in Braunschweig. After we were done, we headed over to the language building to try and learn more about the intensive language summer course we were suppose to be enrolled in… Turns out it started yesterday, Sunday. We registered for the course, and then went back to the International Office to go to Immigration to get residency permits.

In the evening, we went to a small cafe/bar with the other international students (the language teacher gave us beer tickets).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We arrived at the language center at 8:30AM expecting to do a “placement” test to determine what level of German we were at – turns out, in our brief encounter with the teacher she determined that we are complete beginners, and hence are in the lowest level available – A2.

So instead, we got a tour of the University Bibiliothek (library). After that we had our first language class. Interesting.

The classes are taught in german… So I’m not sure how we’re suppose to learn if they don’t even use any english (ie this is this in german and in english….)

So we’ll see how this goes… On the plus side there’s alot of student events through the language course! Also we met a bunch of the other students, a few fellow Canadians from UW, and nearly 20 Americans from Rhode Island. Pretty cool guys.


Jumping Stilts.

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Germany
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So I had heard of these things called “Power Risers” a few years ago. Essentially, they are jumping stilts. Observe:

I found out there was a dealer near IKEA, in Braunschweig. Wrote down the address, hopped on a bus and checked it out.

After about half an hour of wandering an industrial park, we still couldn’t find the place. We had tried calling the number listed, but no one responded.

We had just given up and were about to go to IKEA to buy a pot to use for deep frying everything we eat… when Heinz’s phone rang.

After a few minutes of German, the guy started speaking in English, and we found out he owned a Quality Control company working  for VW. We inquired about power risers, and surprisingly enough, yes, he does sell them. He asked where we were and we told him we were in front of a car dealership, he said he would come out to meet us.

A few minutes later an unmarked van pulled up, and the guy we were talking to got out. He took us over to another warehouse with a tiny sign on it (no wonder we missed it) and inside he showed us some demo pairs of POWER RISERS!

We tried them out, and within a few minutes we were walking around the warehouse with ease – still going to be a big learning curve for anything cool though!

Originally we were going to buy a pair to share (they are 339 euros each) but after Heinz tried it, he decided he wanted his own too.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough money on us at the time. He drove us over to the IKEA to use the ABM – but the ABM was broken. Since we only had 280 on us, we offered him that, and said we’d pay the rest on Monday (he had to order the 2nd pair of power risers). He agreed, and then offered to drive us home too! Really nice guy, albeit the whole experience was a bit… unique. He even threw in the safety equipment for free!

Anyways, here are some pictures. We pick up the 2nd pair Monday.

He stands about 7'2 wearing them

Back at our apartment


Walking indoors is a challenge...

Anyways, with some practice, hopefully we’ll have some cool videos sometime. Some of the possibilities include: the ability to run faster then the fastest man alive (by a good amount), jump up to 7′ in the air, and of course, jump fences with ease!