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Posted: September 19, 2010 in Italy
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We caught the 6:30AM shuttle to the Colombo station, caught another train to Rome, reserved seats on a train to Venice and had another Italian lunch… for breakfast. The train to Venice was really nice, it had power outlets so we watched a few more episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

Our first sight of Venice from the train!

We arrived in Venice around 2PM and booked reservations on a night train to Vienna – then we started exploring the city!

Our first view of the main street canal

We purchased day passes for the water buses and hopped on the next water bus, not really caring where it went!

Saw some huge cruise ships

The canals were really cool

We jumped off the bus at the next main stop, without any idea where we were. So, we started wandering the streets!

It's like they want us to climb to the roofs here...

The famous gondalas!

Stumbled upon a famous church - again no pictures allowed inside

A flag in the streets of Venice!

We continued wandering all afternoon, had some pizza, bought some souvenirs, and wandered back to a bus stop with hopes of making it back to the train station…

We got outside seats on the bus!

We were in luck, and the bus stopped at the train station. We got out and still had a few hours before our train left so we wandered around the vicinity of the train station. I bought another gelato. I quite like them…

Mhmmmmm Gelato...

Our train left at 21:07, and we had booked beds for the first time on a night train – kind of expensive, 27 euros each.

Two triple bunk beds lined a small cabin:

Theres a third bed in between those - the compartment was too small to get a good picture!

I snagged a top bunk – I kinda like small spaces! We shared the cabin with a couple from Austria, an American, and I believe a young British guy.

Sleep wasn’t the greatest. The cabin started out hot, but got very cold in the night.


We woke up today feeling refreshed, planning to hit the beach for the day. Sadly, we forgot to check the weather again, and our assumption of beautiful weather constantly was once again disproved. We had breakfast (the classic Italian breakfast, cappuccino and a croissant) and decided to stay another day anyways to relax. We had to switch cabins, but they were essentially the same (bit of a bigger bathroom though!)

Since the beach was out of the question, we tried going to play tennis, but no one was there to let us into the courts. We decided to do the laundry instead.

The shower stall served as a makeshift washing machine.

... as did the sink!

It was nice to have semi-clean clothes again. Unfortunately, since it’s only 15-20 degrees today… they haven’t dried yet… Hopefully they are dry by the morning…

Socks out to dry...

So, due to the bad weather we watched some more episodes of The Big Bang Theory. We headed to the supermarket a bit later and found out its closed on Sundays. Looks like we’re eating cereal and cheese for dinner! (we might grab a pizza from Funky Pizza).

Tomorrow we’re taking the early shuttle to Colombo station, and then we’re back to Rome Termini from which we’ll be taking a 4 hour train to Venice!

We went to see the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus today!

Took the bus to the Catacombs!

Beautiful area above the catacombs

We bought our tickets for 8 euros each, and then waited by the entrance of the catacombs for an English speaking guide. There were a bunch of germans there, lots of italians, a few french people and a bunch of english speaking tourists. Our tour guide went in last.

Now unfortunately, it was forbidden to take pictures inside the catacombs, but let me tell you, it was quite the sight to see. We only explored the 2nd floor (there are 4 levels) and the path we took (about half an hour of walking) only represented 2% of the catacombs. The entire length of the hallways and corridors (its like a labyrinth)  totals 20 kilometers! It is hypothesized that there were 500,000 tombs in these catacombs.

Here’s some information about them:

First page of the pampflet

2nd page of the pampflet

It was really something to see. There were about 7-8 tombs per floor, vertically stacked, and how it worked was they would dig the tunnel, add tombs along the sides, then lower the floor in order to add more tombs. The freshest graves were the deepest – no remains existed however, any that did were removed.

It’s just a field on top, wouldn’t even know its there if not for the fancy gates:

The gates to the Catacombs

Afterward we hopped back on the bus (we’re getting the hang of foreign public transportation!) and headed back to our hostel to pick up our bags. We then took the metro to a regional train station and were off to our Country Club resort we booked (only 20 euros a night!).

We arrived at the station as described in our directions, but saw no shuttle bus to the Country Club. So, we got out our phone GPS and punched in the address. It was a few kilometers away from a train stop… 3 stops ago! So we got back on the train, and went to the stop and followed our GPS. We arrived at the location Google gave us and there was nothing there. We asked a local and she said it was WAAAAY down this street. We started walking. Few kilometers in and we still saw nothing. We called the club and were told to keep walking! Another few kilometers. We asked another local who didn’t speak any english, and she made motions with her hands to indicate it is much much further down this street. At long last we arrived. The place existed! It turns out it was right next to the original train station we got off at. Thank you google. Thank you.

We were shuttled to our “bungalow” and it was surprisingly nice!

The bungalow with 2 bunk beds!

We then took the shuttle bus to the Colombo station (the shuttle we were suppose to take originally instead of walking miles) and headed to the beach. The first Ocean I’ve ever swam in! The Mediterranean sea! Huge waves, quite fun to swim in and ride the waves. Very salty though!

The beach! Covered in black sand, very soft!

Went back to the resort and checked out the local grocery store. We had a dinner of hot dogs. Also bought a kilogram of cookies for 1 euro! They were actually good!

We also bought some alcohol – There was a Discotek that night!

Lemoncello and Sambuca!

We watched several episodes of The Bing Bang Theory (great show) and checked out the Discotek around 11PM. It was empty. We went back to the cabin and watched a few more episodes, and went back again. Still empty. Strange, seeing as we saw lots of people our age earlier in the day…